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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Day (1/1/12)

We spent our New Year's Day at the Beach - it was the perfect day to go as the weather was so warm. We had a great time; it was KiKi's first time to play at the beach and her first time to touch the sand. Chloe has grown up a lot since the last time we went; she actually put sand on her legs (just last April, she didn't want even a speck of sand touching her while we were in Maui and over the summer, she would play with the sand but as long as she was on the blanket). She also explored all over the beach and had a great time collecting rocks for Daddy.

Grandpa Peter and Grandma Debbie joined us after a while. Uncle Bill (Peter's brother) and cousin Caleb (Bill's grandson) showed up a bit later which was great as Caleb and Chloe had a lot of fun running all over the beach together, playing in the sand, and jumping in the waves (well, Caleb jumped in them, Chloe liked to look at them from the comfort of Daddy's arms).

Here are some pictures from the day:

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